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Crosstalk Ministries Founded

The planning and organizing for the camps and events that developed out of the Tuesday Fellowship often took place at breakfast meetings at St. Peter’s. The complications of operating these various ministries eventually necessitated the creation of a non-profit organization. This was formed in 1978 and given the name Crosstalk Ministries, taking its inspiration from the earlier publication produced by the Tuesday Fellowship. John Newton became the first president, and the Board, which met monthly, exercised oversight of the various ministries that had grown up over the preceding decade.

In 1981, Lauren Aslin was hired as the first part-time secretary at the Crosstalk Office, initially located in a small basement room at St. Peter’s, Town of Mount Royal. In 1983, the Board hammered out a Statement of Faith and in the same year the office was moved to more spacious accommodation at St. Matthew’s, Hampstead. The budget at this time was $54,000. In December 1985, Kathy Howard became the first full-time secretary. In the same year, Ross Prendergast, having returned to Montreal in 1977, became the Chairman of the Board following the resignation of John Newton who was moving to Halifax to become rector of historic and strategic St. Paul’s Church. In the mid-1980s a four-page Crosstalk Ministries Newsletter was produced by Ross Prendergast, and was been published twice a year; Net Works is its successor today.