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A week-long sleep-away camp filled with fun, fellowship and learning in a Christian environment, for children aged 8 to 12, held in August.

If your child is turning 12 and going to high school in September, please register for Senior Youth Camp as a camper! If you are 18, and your birthday is before September 30, we encourage you to apply as a CIT. Please visit our staff pages for more information.

At Crosstalk’s Junior Youth Camp we know that believing in God can and should be fun, and that means the lessons of the week’s theme are present throughout the day! A few activities in this event-filled week include games, songs, prayers, devotions, friendships, swimming, cabins, campfires, crafts, variety shows, banquets, and learning what God has to teach us through each year’s theme. Our small size means that JYC campers and staff make closer connections over the week.

Home-cooked, wholesome meals whose secret ingredient is love and fruit and snacks available throughout the day for growing bodies; you eat well at JYC!

Junior Youth Camp (JYC) is partnered with Crosstalk’s Senior Youth Camp (SYC). We share a camp theme, so conversations started at camp can continue all year long! Older JYC campers get to spend an afternoon at SYC to experience what’s next on the horizon.

For more information regarding our camp theme, dates, and speaker this year’s camp please visit the Camp 2017 page. We also have a bursary fund available for campers whose parents encounter financial difficulty when sending their child to camp. Application and bursary forms are located on our Camper Registration page.

Donations to help contribute to this ministry, or for the bursary fund are gratefully received. Income tax receipts will be issued. To learn more about donating to Junior Youth Camp and/or Crosstalk Ministries, please click here.

Camper and Staff Registrations are closed for now.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to call the Crosstalk Office at (514) 484-1414, or email the Junior Youth Camp director(s) at juniorcamp@crosstalkministries.ca

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