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The C.I.T. Program

The Counsellor-In-Training Program is designed to train and equip young people with the skills necessary for effective counselling and ministry in many areas of service.

CITs are part of a cabin with an experienced counsellor who supervises and mentors them through the week. Depending on their experience in Christian Camping and their leadership abilities, some CITs will take an active role in leading their cabin, while others will spend more time observing how the other counsellor ministers to their campers. CITs should remember that participation is one of the best ways to learn.

CIT’s are under the supervision of the CIT Director. They participate in training workshops every day and the CIT Director will also meet with each CIT privately during the week to discuss their progress. The CITs take part in planning the out trip for the eldest campers as well as planning and overseeing Saturday’s closing service. Throughout the program CITs should help in all the various duties at camp including waterfront, craft hut, sports and prayer time.

The Director(s) and CIT Director(s) will meet with each CIT briefly at the end of camp for a final evaluation.




The CIT Director(s) mentor the counselLors-in-training, walking with them through the week, while coordinating their participation in the main camp program. The CIT Director(s) also animates daily CIT training sessions. Before the close of camp, the CIT Director(s) meets with each CIT individually to review and evaluate their progress. The CIT Director(s) also provides support and training to new staff members who may not be required to participate in the CIT program due to similar experience or training. An Assistant CIT Director may assist the CIT director.

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