“Yeast, Water, Flour, Salt”

Spirit-based Reflections on Bread

Woot Woot!

We are planning our second Day Retreat for Day Camp Team Alums and we hope you can take part. The Theme will be centred around the baking of bread with short reflections on Yeast, Water, Flour & Salt. Our Speaker will be Jenna Smith from Christian Direction a Montreal based, ecumenical ministry.

Be gentle
when you touch bread.
Let it not be
uncared for, unwanted.
So often bread
is taken for granted.
There is so much beauty in bread.
Beauty of sun and soil,
beauty of patient toil.
Winds and rain have caressed it,
Christ often blessed it.
Be gentle
when you touch bread.

Where? On Google Meet (but with plenty of personal time off screens!) 

When? Saturday, November 6th, 1-5pm

Who? Day Camp Team Alumnae

Why? We want to continue building a strong faith community among DC Alums

How? Sign up via text / FB Message / e-mail: office@crosstalkministries.ca

Once you register we will keep you updated as plans unfold.