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Early 1970’s: Saw the beginnings of what is now Tuesday Fellowship, a gathering for evangelical and conservatively minded Anglican clergy and lay leaders for sharing and support in their parishes and ministries.

1972: the first Anglican Provincial Youth Camp (later Senior Youth Camp/SYC) for teens was held at Quebec Lodge in the Eastern Townships.

1974: the first ‘Youth Conference’ (later Focus) for CEGEP and University Students was held over the Labour Day Weekend at Quebec Lodge. Focus moved to Cedar Lodge on Lake Memphremagog in 1979. This ministry has been in abeyance since 2013.

1978: Crosstalk Ministries was founded to exercise oversight of the various ministries that had grown up over the preceding decade.

1979: The first Day Camp held at St. Peter’s T.M.R., for children aged 4–12. Today Teams serve churches of many denominations plus First Nations & Canadian Forces Bases across Canada. Over nearly 40 years of operation, approx. 30,000 children have been reached with this Program.

1981: Junior Youth Camp (JYC) for ages 8-12 was held at Pine Valley with SYC, moving to Camp Carowanis in 1983 and then other locations in the Laurentians, settling at Cedar Lodge in the early 1990’s.

1982 to 1987: Winter Weekend established after some earlier attempts as a follow-up to SYC, re-established in the early 1990’s and discontinued in 2006.

1982: Crossroads Youth Service began as a monthly reunion for SYC; meeting originally at the Church of the Ascension and then St. George’s in 1983. This ministry is currently in abeyance as new concepts are explored.

1984: ‘Get-A-Way’ Weekends (once or twice a year) developed out of the Focus Weekend for teaching and renewal for those in the 25 – 35. This ministry continued for two to three years.

1996: Lighthouse began as a follow-up for JYC Campers, held in various locations around the diocese, once or twice a year. This Ministry continued for several years.

1997: Crosstalk Ministries became the official local expression of Barnabas Anglican Ministries, the national Anglican evangelical association. Barnabas Ministries was dissolved in 2011.

2011: Marked the 30th year of Junior Camp. and the 40th year of Senior Youth Camp. SYC celebrated 40 years with a Black & White Gala at Fulford Hall. There was worship, dinner and a silent auction.

2016: JYC was rebooted after a three-year hiatus. This year also marked the 45th Anniversary of SYC with a Eucharist (Celebrant Bishop Mary Irwin Gibson) and gala dinner held at the Church of St. John the Baptist, Pointe Claire.

2017: Praise & Thanksgiving Gatherings were inaugurated, meeting in, January, May and September at St. Peter’s TMR. A new CTM Website was also launched.

2020: The CTM Website is revamped.

2020 – 2022: During the COVID-19 pandemic CTM moved a number of events and activities to online platforms, ensuring the continuity of Ministry and the nurturing of community.