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Look at How Far We’ve Come

A few words need to be said by way of conclusion to this survey of one part of God’s work in Montreal over the last half-century.

The first is the acknowledgment that it is by God’s sovereignty and grace in Jesus Christ that the Anglican Church in Montreal had known a little of His renewing power over the last three decades. It is not the efforts of people or even our prayers that are ultimately responsible for what has begun here.

In the second instance we must say that God has worked through many agencies not connected with Crosstalk Ministries and which would not necessarily be comfortable with the label ‘evangelical.’

Among these movements we could mention Cursillo, the Anglican Fellowship of Prayer, Life in the Spirit seminars, Marriage Encounter etc. At the same time we would reaffirm our conviction that God has called Crosstalk Ministries to witness to the essentials of the historic Evangelical faith centring on: the person of Jesus Christ; the supreme authority of Scripture; the necessity of conversion; the continuous need of nurture through worship, prayer, word and sacrament in the fellowship of His Church and in the power of His Spirit; and the call to evangelism.

A third observation that should be made is the obvious one that Crosstalk Ministries has grown out of a clergy/lay conviction: namely that it is vitally important to put time, prayer, thought, effort and money into a supra-parochial activity. This is related to the underlying assumption that the activities of Crosstalk have been designed to serve the basic ministry of the parish. Crosstalk Ministries and the parishes have an entirely reciprocal relationship. Crosstalk Ministries exists primarily to serve, support, and supplement the life and ministry of our parish churches. They in turn give of their clergy and a multitude of lay people to Crosstalk Ministries.

A fourth observation that could be made centres on the relationship between Crosstalk Ministries and the Diocese. From the beginning it has been the policy of Crosstalk Ministries not to compete with or duplicate programmes of the Diocese, but rather to supplement the ministries of parishes and Diocese. This can be illustrated by the fact that between 1970 and 1990 at least 13 men and one woman[1] who have come up through the ranks of Crosstalk-related activities have entered the ordained ministry in the Diocese of Montreal. In a similar way 8 people[2] have come into the Diocese from elsewhere in Canada or from overseas as a direct result (or indirect in 1 or 2 cases) of Crosstalk Ministries. Reference to the Diocese would not be complete without reference to the obviously transforming effect of having a Bishop and a Principal of Diocesan College in full agreement with and supportive of the aims and activities of Crosstalk during its formative years.

A fifth and final observation is that Crosstalk Ministries has been primarily at work with children and young people, not only serving them but even more significantly, enabling, encouraging and equipping them to serve others in the lifetime that is ahead. This training and equipping of younger leaders, who are mainly lay, is very much in accord with St. Paul’s description of ministry in Ephesians 4, and has resulted in the fulfillment of the purpose of Christian ministry. This is, namely: “so that the body of Christ may be built up until we all reach unity in the faith and in the knowledge of the Son of God and become mature, attaining to the whole measure of the fullness of Christ.”(Ephesians 4: 12-13) This is why Crosstalk Ministries’ motto is:

Helping people of all ages to become strong disciples of Jesus Christ.

Compilation by Robin Guinness (1993)
Senior Youth Camp Staff Manual (1990)
Day Camp Planning Guide (May 1994)
Final editing by Brett Cane (April, 1999)

[1]Chris Belle, Phil Bristow, Brett Cane, Glenn Eason, Michelle Eason, Donald Flumerfelt, Bruce Glencross, Ken Harding, Trevor Jones, Grant Lemarquand, Charles Morris, John Newton, Alan Perry, Arthur Sheffield.

[2]Ian Liversuch, Eric Beresford, Tony Harvey, Bob Wismer, Michael Pountney, Nick Brotherwood, Alex Cameron, Robin Guinness.