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Lasting memories, deeper connections, growing faith.

Senior Youth Camp is a weeklong sleep away camp for teens, ages 12-18. It is held at the beautiful Camp Livingstone in the Eastern Townships.

Senior Youth Camp is a chance for youth to experience being away from their normal lives, being surrounded by nature, meeting new people, and most importantly it is a chance to experience God in a new and exciting way. With a dedicated Christian staff, campers are encouraged to have fun, make new friends, and discover more about themselves and their relationship with God.

We hold various activities designed to help campers with their spiritual growth throughout the day. Talks from a dynamic speaker, workshops designed by our superb staff and guests, worship led by the camp music team, small discussion groups led by campers, and cabin discussions, are a few of the aspects that help our camp community get to know more about God — build up, and strengthen our relationship with Him.

In addition to our spiritual focus, Senior Youth Camp is also fun. We lead two wide-games per day in the morning and afternoon. There are also free time activities where the campers get to choose from various options including crafts, water slides, sports, and boating.

Senior Youth Camp is partnered with Crosstalk’s Junior Youth Camp. We share a camp theme, so conversations started at camp can continue all year long! 

For more information regarding our camp theme, dates, and speaker this year’s camp please visit our Camp 2020 page.


Donations to help contribute to this ministry, or for the bursary fund are gratefully received. To learn more about donating to Senior Youth Camp and/or Crosstalk Ministries, please click here.

If you have any questions or concerns, please call the Crosstalk Office at (514) 484-1414, or email the Senior Youth Camp director(s) at seniorcamp@crosstalkministries.ca